Getting started

Please use this tool to create your email signature and then follow the instructions below to add it to your Outlook.

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Once the email has been highlighted, please right click and copy the Signature.


Adding your signature to Outlook 2013

  1. Open Outlook 2013;
  2. Select the File menu (top left);
  3. Select Options from the left hand side menu, the Options window will appear;
  4. Choose Mail from the left hand side menu;
  5. Important: Ensure that Compose in this message format is set to 'HTML' for the full graphical version of your signature to display correctly to all of your message recipients;
  6. Select the Signatures button located on the right hand side pane, the Signatures & Stationary window will appear;
  7. Create a new signature by pressing the New button;
  8. Enter a name to describe your new e-mail signature, e.g. "Corporate Signature";
  9. Paste the signature that you have created using this Email Signature Generator into the Signature text box, (right mouse click and 'paste' or hold Cmd then press V on your keyboard);
  10. Make the new signature your default for all new messages. Use the drop-down menu (top-right of your current window) to set the 'New messages' default to your newly named signature;
  11. Click Save and then OK – you’re done.
    Why not try sending an email with your new signature as a test?