We are developing CMD-503 as an autologous cell therapy for the treatment of hepatocellular cancer. Combining our NKT cell technology with both CAR expression and cytokine secretion, CMD-503 will take advantage of the natural biological properties of NKT cells which include trafficking to human organs and especially the liver1.

Eligible patient population

Liver cancer is the fifth most diagnosed cancer in the world, with 782,000 newly diagnosed cases every year leading to 745,000 deaths globally1. Hepatocellular carcinoma is the most common form of liver cancer affecting about 80%2of all patients. CMD-503 will target 75% of all hepatocellular carcinoma patients based upon the specific cancer antigen (undisclosed) targeted.

The development of CMD-503

CMD-503 is being developed as a possible alternative or addition to existing liver cancer treatments due to the potential to establish longstanding remissions within a safe treatment regimen.